About the company

History of the «FarKoS» begins from the «FarKoS» Pharmaceutical firm, which was established in 1996. Commercial activity of the firm is based on results of its own scientific research. The kernel of the company consists of innovation developments, which permit the company to establish itself successfully on pharmaceutical products market.

In order to achieve the successful results the «FarKoS» Pharmaceutical firm during a long time period follows the strategy of optimal integration of carefully orchestrated policy of joint investigations fulfillment with high efficiency of its own scientific and research works in development of new medicaments. Scientific and research conception of the company is based on fundamental investigations in field of biology, biochemistry and physiology, which permit the company to find its own place on pharmaceutical products market

The company has priority in development of medicaments based on co-ordination compounds. Just the first such preparation, АТF-LONG®, became the evidence of successful formation and development of the company. The «FarKoS» produces chemical substance and production of ready medicinal form is transferred to the Borshchahivskiy chemical and pharmaceutical plant. By the results of 2005, the АТF-LONG® preparation was in TOP-100 group by sales volume of pharmaceutical preparations and was nominated for the «Preparation of 2005 year» rank by results of the «Panatseya» all-Ukrainian rating.


During this period the firm completed successfully the formation process: it was developed and put in operation its own workshops for production of ready medicinal forms (tablets and capsules), as well as warehouses were built.

Scientific and research basis was strengthened, its own methodology for new medicaments development was formed, and the infrastructure for its implementation and production was extended.

In 2010 the wholesale pharmaceutical store was opened, which permit to increase the effectiveness of logistic service work.

In 2011 the outsourcing department was established, which is responsible for the products sales control, as well as for marketing activity monitoring in Ukrainian pharmacy networks.

In 2013 the development of the «Products for health» line was started and in result the following products was created: «Membraton», «TsitoVel» and «ImunoVel».

The process of searching and development of new medicaments in the «FarKoS» Pharmaceutical company is continuous.

Efforts of the company’s specialists are directed to development of effective and safety means for therapy of cardiovascular, neurologic, urological and oncological deceases.

Searching of new medicinal forms demands the numerous investigations fulfillment in wide range of scientific disciplines. In order to support the high level of scientific developments, the «FarKoS» Pharmaceutical company establishes close partnership relations with various teams of investigators, which have the experience in special branches of science, and it opens new perspectives in development.